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FLUTE Analysis and Monitoring

SAMflute – is a high-end FLUTE analyzer for in-depth analysis and continuous monitoring of FLUTE data carousels within Mobile DTV multiplexes – ATSC-M/H or DVB-H – or received directly from a FLUTE server.

Key Features

FLUTE Analysis and Monitoring

SAMflute Main Window

  • acts as independent FLUTE client, thus can be used standalone or in combination with SAMcorder
  • supports UDP unicast and multicast
  • processes unlimited data carousels simultaneously
  • extracts and stores all FDT instances
  • XML Schema check for FDT instance files
  • extracts and stores all transmitted files
  • display of announced and actually received files, file sizes, TOIs, encodings…
  • measurement of carousel cycle time
  • calculation of the file transfer bitrate for each carousel
  • integrated File-Viewer (XML, HTML, A/V, Images, Text, Binary)
  • endless archive of all received files ever transmitted within a data carousel (all received files get stored versioned onto disk)
  • provides comfortable graphical user interface
  • capable of unattended operation at 24/7
  • especially suited for analysis and monitoring of M-EAS and NRT services within Mobile DTV multiplexes



SAMflute Standalone Mode

In standalone mode the solution provides IP Multicast/Unicast inputs via network interface card (e.g. Ethernet). This mode is suited especially for content- and service-providers as well as for developers, i.e. for users which have to analyze the FLUTE data carousels before or after they are multiplexed or de-multiplexed into or from the Transport Stream.

Together with atscSAM / dvbSAM

FLUTE Analysis and Monitoring

SAMflute along with atscSAM and dvbSAM

SAMflute is part of the decontis Analysis- and Monitoring Solutions for Mobile DTV atscSAM and dvbSAM. The FLUTE data are demultiplexed from the current Transport Stream which gets received via RF, IP, ASI or via playback of recorded streams. In this application SAMflute receives all data and interacts with other components via internal interfaces. This solution is suited especially for broadcasters which have to monitor FLUTE sessions in real-time and/or which have to monitor M-EAS or NRT services in real-time.

FLUTE Analysis

  • listing all sessions
  • data-rate monitoring
  • listing all FDT instances
  • FDT schema check
  • monitoring FDT update cycles
  • monitoring FLUTE session completion time
  • listing all announced files and monitoring the receiving
  • archiving all received files
  • in-depth protocol analysis
  • 24/7 SNMP based monitoring all states and measured parameters



SAMflute Analyzer
FLUTE data snapshot
FLUTE protocol analysis

File Viewer

FDT Instance File
A/V File

File Archives

SAMlute File Archive

File Archive Viewer