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ESG Analysis and Monitoring

SAMesg – is a high-end ESG analyzer (Electronic Service Guide) for  in-depth analysis and continuous monitoring of ESG data within Mobile DTV multiplexes – ATSC-M/H or DVB-H – or received directly from an ESG server. All relevant standards are supported, OMA-BCAST and IPDC/CBMS.

Key Features

SAMesg Main Window

SAMesg Main Window

  • acts as independent ESG client, thus can be used also standalone
  • supports IPDC/CBMS and OMA BCAST standards
  • supports all encodings types (raw, gzip, BiM)
  • supports UDP unicast and multicast
  • supports both bootstrap and bootstrap-less ESG’s
  • in-depth analysis of all ESG bootstrap files
  • automatic recognition of all contained ESG’s
  • in-depth analysis of all container files of all ESG’s simultaneously
  • supports single and multiple transport mechanism
  • decoding of ESG containers up to the last bit
  • stores all ESG content (XML’s, SDP’s, images, …) of all ESG’s into separate directories
  • renders the complete ESG program list
  • handles ESG updates automatically
  • includes versatile features for performing a permanent real-time monitoring of all ESG’s within a multiplex
  • performs comprehensive consistency checks, cycle timing monitorings and much more…
  • provides comfortable graphical user interface
  • capable of unattended operation at 24/7


SAMesg standalone

ESG Analysis and Monitoring – Standalone Mode

In standalone mode the solution provides IP Multicast/Unicast inputs via network interface card (e.g. Ethernet). This application is suited especially for content- and service-providers as well as for developers of ESG server and/or client software, i.e. for users which have to analyze the ESG data before or after they are multiplexed or de-multiplexed into or from the Transport Stream.

Together with atscSAM / dvbSAM

SAMesg together with atscSAM

ESG Analysis and Monitoring along with atscSAM and dvbSAM

SAMesg is part of the decontis Analysis- and Monitoring Solutions for Mobile DTV atscSAM and dvbSAM. The ESG data are demultiplexed from the current Transport Stream which is received via RF, IP, ASI or via playback of recorded streams. In this application SAMesg receives all ESG data and interacts with other components via internal interfaces. This solution is suited especially for broadcasters which have to monitor the correct ESG transmission in real-time.

Bootstrap Analysis

  • listing all announced ESG entries and all corresponding properties
  • switch on/off analysis for each single ESG entry
  • in-depth analysis of access descriptors
  • in-depth analysis of provider descriptor
  • all bootstrap files are stored
  • recognition of bootstrap updates
  • 24/7 SNMP based monitoring all states and measured parameters
ESG Bootstrap Analyzer
Bootstrap Analyzer
ESG Bootstrap Analyzer
Access Descriptor
ESG Bootstrap Analyzer
Provider Descriptor

 ESG Container Analysis

  • listing all received ESG containers
  • supports single and multiple stream transport mechanism
  • each container file can be analyzed in all details
  • container files can be decoded up to the last bit
  • extraction of all XML fragments, SDP’s and Images
  • all content, XML fragments, SDP’s and Images get listed in a treeview
  • container updates will be recognized automatically and processed
  • XML content can be checked against appropriate XML Schemas
  • 24/7 SNMP based monitoring all states and measured parameters
ESG Container Analyzer
Container Analyzer
ESG Container Analyzer
Service Guide Delivery Descr.
ESG Container Analyzer
Service Guide Delivery Unit

ESG Container Analyzer ESG Container Analyzer

ESG content analysis, e.g. image files, SDP files

 ESG Rendering

ESG Container Analyzer

rendered ESG