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DVB-T / DVB-T2 Coverage Solution – SAM-CV 1000

SAM-CV 1000 is a portable DVB-T and DVB-T2 Coverage Measurement and Drive Test solution. By using of common  RF- and GPS- receiver hardware the solution turns a laptop into a powerful coverage measurement and drive test device.

DVB-T / DVB-T2 Coverage Solution - SAM-CV 1000

SAM-CV 1000 DVB-T/-T2 Coverage Solution

SAM-CV 1000 leaflet

Leaflet SAM-CV 1000

Key Features

  • SAM-CV 1000 supports both DVB-T and DVB-T2
  • based on common PC and Interface HW, no special HW necessary
  • several DVB-T/-T2 channels and/or several DVB-T2 PLPs can  be measured and recorded simultaneously
  • recording of key RF parameter
    •  Signal Strength (Rx Level) [-10dBm .. -90dBm]
    •  Carrier Noise Ratio (C/N)
    •  DVB-T Bit Error Ratio before Viterbi (BERbV)
    •  DVB-T Bit Error Ratio after Viterbi (BERaV)
    •  DVB-T2 Bit Error Ratio (BER)
    •  Modulation Error Ratio (MER) [max. 40dB]
    •  Packet Error Ratio (PER)
    •  DVB-T2 Frame Error Ratio (FER )
    •  Signal Quality
  • recording of important stream parameters
    • Cell ID
    • Network ID
    • DVB-T2 System ID
    • DVB-T2 PLP ID
    • number of DVB-T2 PLPs
  • recording of important modulation parameters
    • CodeRate, Guard, Constellation, FFT …
    • DVB-T2 PLP info data
  • Constellation Diagram
    • streaming of diagram snaphots
    • saving of diagram snapshots
  • streaming the entire Transport Stream (TS) via IP
  • comprehensive and interactive map display
    • free editable threshold profiles
    • various visualization styles and color gradients
  • coverage measurement values stored in SQL database
  • all data are stored in XML format


SAM-CV 1000 is applicable for field coverage measurement of DVB-T and DVB-T2 broadcasts

  • Step 1 – Coverage Test Drive

SAM-CV 1000 - Test Drive

SAM-CV 1000 RF Measurement

RF Measurement

During a test drive SAM-CV 1000 collects the RF measurements from one or more RF input as well as the GPS data for the current position. With one SAM-CV 1000  the network operator is able to get the coverage for several DVB-T/-T2 channels or for several DVB-T2 PLPs with just one single test drive.

All relevant RF parameter measurements of all processed DVB-T/-T2 RF channels and/or all DVB-T2 PLPs along with simultaneously aggregated geographical coordinates and further meta data are stored into XML based data files.

  • Step 2 – Coverage Data Analysis

SAM-CV 1000 Map Display

Map Display

The recorded data can be evaluated and displayed in a map by using Google Earth ™. For every measurement point a place mark gets painted onto the map, whose color indicates whether the particular RF parameter value is OK or close to the configured WARNING or ERROR thresholds. Threshold profiles for various purposes, e.g. in-door/out-door reception, can be defined and can then be applied to the data evaluation in the map window with a single mouse click.

Green place marks mean the particular RF parameter is “well within the thresholds”. Green going toward yellow means the particular RF parameter comes close to the warning threshold, but is still OK. Yellow going toward red means the particular RF parameter crossed the warning threshold and comes closer to the error threshold, but still didn’t cross it. Red means that the particular RF parameter crossed the error threshold.

This visualization makes it very simple to evaluate the recorded RF parameters visually over the complete region.

Technical Specification

RF Input

  • PCTV 292e – DVB-T/-T2 USB receiver
  • HVR-1975  – DVB-T/-T2 USB receiver

GPS Input

  • USB GPS receiver supporting NMEA-0183

System (recommended configuration)

  • Processor : Intel Core i3/i5/i7
  • RAM : 4 GB
  • HD : 500 GB
  • USB : 2.0/3.0

Operating System

  • Windows 7 professional/enterprise
  • Windows 8.1 professional/enterprise

Dimension (recommended configuration)

  • 15″ Laptop
  • weight: 2,5 kg