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SNMP Client

ATSC • DVB • ISDB – Operation Center Solution
SAMager Observer

  • SAMager Observer is a comprehensive Network Management System (NMS) software for operators, service staff and system engineers, especially suited to monitor Digital TV and/or Mobile DTV networks which use decontis monitoring probes.
  • SAMager Observer displays
    • the global monitoring status or the entire network
    • the monitoring status of particular probes within the network
    • the monitoring status of every particular parameter being monitored within a probe
  • SAMager Observer provides a comfortable access to all monitoring probes within the monitoring network via SNMP and it includes many useful features to assist the operator by its daily tasks.

At a Glance:

  • support of Digital TV standards
    • ATSC • QAM
    • DVB-T • DVB-T2 • DVB-S • DVB-S2 • DVB-C
    • T2-MI
    • ISDB-T • ISDB-Tb
  • support of Mobile DTV standards
    • ATSC-M/H
    • DVB-H
    • ISDB 1seg
  • one SAMager Observer instance supports monitoring of up to 200 multiplexes
  • versatile status views
  • definition of individual monitoring templates
  • beside SNMP also notifications via eMail and SMS
  • live TS snapshot pulling for local in-depth analysis
  • visual audio/video confidence monitoring

Monitoring Network · Region · Cluster · Agent

The Agent represents a monitoring instance on a monitoring probe, used to monitor a particular multiplex.

The Cluster is a group of Agents.

Clusters can be grouped into a Region and Regions can be grouped into top-regions.

Monitoring Network
The Monitoring Network consists of Regions and/or Clusters which reflect the topology of the actual TV network, e.g. across a country. The Observer software can communicate to each of those entities. So e.g. an SNMP command can be issued to a particular Agent, to a Cluster, to a Region or also to the entire Monitoring Network with a single mouse click.

SNMP Client – SAMager Observer

Operation Modes

SAMager Observer has two operation modes:

  1. Signaling Mode
    the current status of all monitored parameters gets signaled via SNMP Traps
  2. Polling Mode
    The current status of all monitored parameters gets queried via SNMP Requests/Response operations.

The operation modes can be used separately but also simultaneously and can be configured Agent-wise.

Signaling Mode

Polling Mode

Monitoring Templates

A Monitoring Template defines a collection of SNMP objects (usually GET operations) which are sent in one SNMP message to a specific  monitoring instance (Agent). The values of the corresponding SNMP Response message are stored in the MIB of the appropriate Agent and will be evaluated by a post-processing according to the defined Template rules. The overall status of the Template gets determined and can be visualized via LED in the Site-View for an Agent.

With Monitoring Templates very complex monitoring tasks can be defined and the whole monitoring process can be adapted according to the individual needs.

Status Display

For the status display SAMager Observer provides different views:

  • Tree-View
    in the tree-view the status of all Agents, Clusters and Regions gets displayed
  • Status-View Wall
    by usage of extra-large LED the status can also be observed from a greater distance
  • Site-View Wall
    the Agent Site-View Wall provides detailed status and system information for each particular Agent
  • Map-View
    the status of each Agent can be displayed in a geographical map by using an interactive Google Earth™ map


Status-View Wall

Site-View Wall


TS snapshot
  • a system engineer requests a TS snapshots via SNMP
  • the appropriate Agent seamlessly sends the snapshot to SAMager Observer via FTP
  • the system engineer can analyze the TS in any regard by using decontis’ analysis tools, e.g.


Visual Audio/Video Monitoring
  • SAMager Observer controls Audio/Video streaming via SNMP
  • SAMitor streams the Audio/Video content via IP/UDP to the Observer
  • in order to save network bandwidth, high-bitrate services can be transcoded before. So a 10 MBit/s HD service can be streamed at e.g. 500 kBit/s, e.g. downscaled to SD resolution or smaller.
  • also snapshots of the Video can be streamed via thumbnail images for ultra-low-bandwidth
  • SAMitor on the Observer Client displays all videos and thumbnails in a video wall


In-depth Analysis of Transport Stream Snapshots
  • a snapshot from the current received Transport Strom gets created on the remote monitoring probe via triggering of an appropriate SNMP command
  • the TS snapshot gets transmitted via FTP from the monitoring probe to SAMager Observer on the PC of the system engineer
  • by using of the decontis real-time and non-real-time analyzer tools – SAMalyzer, SAMcorder, SAMitor – the system engineer gets enabled to analyse the TS in any regard and to identify any issue instantly
  • that way problems in remote broadcasts can be analysed very fast, very comfortable, very cost efficient and instantly without having to leave the local desk.