Decontis - Solutions for Analysis and Monitoring of Mobile DTV and Digital TV broadcasts


Visual Monitoring

ATSC • DVB • ISDB – Visual Audio/Video Monitoring

Visual Audio and Video Monitoring is an essential task for each broadcaster in order to continuously verify the quality of service – QoS.

There is a need for visual confidence monitoring on various platforms and operating systems, among them also e.g. tablet or smartphone platforms and operating systems spanning from Unix, Linux and Windows up to mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS.

Beside the rendering of the audio and video content additional status information related to particular programs and to the whole multiplex enable the operator service staff to get a comprehensive status overview at a glance of the current broadcast.

At a Glance:

  • support of Digital TV standards
    • ATSC • QAM
    • DVB-T • DVB-T2 • DVB-S • DVB-S2 • DVB-C
    • ISDB-T • ISDB-Tb
  • support of Mobile DTV standards
    • ATSC-M/H
    • DVB-H
    • ISDB 1seg
  • Audio/Video Mosaic Wall with unlimited number of tiles
  • display of additional status indicators
  • Transport Stream status display
  • visual confidence monitoring on many platforms and operating systems via HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

Audio/Video Mosaic Wall
An Audio/Video Mosaic Wall on a big screen allows the visual monitoring of many programs/channels simultaneously at one glance.
The display of additional status indicators enable the operator service staff to get a comprehensive live status overview about all current broadcasts.
SAMitor is the application which gets used to create a comfortable and feature rich audio/video confidence monitoring.
Visual Confidence Monitoring

Particular programs, the complete mosaic wall, arbitrary status displays or even the entire monitoring desktop can be streamed via HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)  to remote locations. That way visual confidence monitoring can be performed via any device having a web browser, regardless on the  used OS  – i.e. Tablet, PC, Smartphone, Laptop …  using  Windows, Android, iOS, Linux …

Audio/video live streaming via IP/UDP is also supported.

Before streaming the audio/video content can optionally be downscaled and transcoded so that the used IP bandwidth for streaming gets minimized by 95% and more.

SAM-MT 1000 – A/V Monitoring + Streaming
  • SAMitor on the monitoring probe analyses, downscales, transcodes and streams the arbitrary audio/video content to the operation center.
  • In the operation center all audio/video streams can be displayed in the SAMitor mosaic wall.
  • That way broadcasts from far regions can lively be visualized in the operation center, thereby using only very less IP bandwidth.
Video Server
  • from several Monitoring Probes either the entire Transport Stream or already de-multiplexed Audio/Video components are sent to a Video Server running the SAMitor mosaic wall
  • SAMcorder instances on the Video Server receive Transport Streams, de-multiplex the Audio/Video components and feed SAMitor with them
  • SAMitor instances on the Video Server process the Audio/Video streams and stream these downscaled and transcoded to the Operation Center at very low bitrates.
  • SAMitor in the Operation Center displays all Audio/Video streams in the mosaic wall.